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Museum of the Risorgimento

Museo del Risorgimento, Genoa Museum Hotels
Visit the birthplace of Giuseppe Mazzini and the Museum of the Risorgimento.

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Museo del Risorgimento, Genoa Museum Hotels

The Museum of the Risorgimento has been in Via Lomellini since 1934, in the building where Giuseppe Mazzini was born. It also houses the archives and a specialized library. The tour of the Museum of the Risorgimento runs through 14 rooms built on three floors.

Hundreds of art works and objects are on display including relics, paintings, prints, posters, manuscripts, weapons, uniforms and more documenting the political, social and cultural development of the Italian Risorgimento.

All this is told from the particular and somewhat privileged point of view of Genoa which played a crucial role in the Risorgimento.


Photo credit: fotogenova