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Palazzo Spinola

In the heart of the old town a historic palace houses the National Ligurian Gallery.

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The Palazzo Spinola di Pelliceria (Palazzo Francesco Grimaldi) is located in the city's historical center, just a short distance from the main places of interest, the Aquarium and the Ducal Palace. Built in 1593, it is mentioned by Rubens in his work on the Palazzi dei Rolli, noble houses that at the time of the Genoese Republic could accommodate dignitaries during state visits.

Later in the nineteenth century these noble houses became landmarks for travelers during their grand tours. Today, the palace houses the National Gallery of Palazzo Spinola featuring historical furnishings, paintings and works of foreign and Genoese artists, ceramics, silver, books, engravings. The fourth floor is home to the DVJ - Institute for Fashion and Textiles.


Photo credit: Comune di Genova