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Genoa a city full of delightful surprises. Discover its hidden wonders, art, history and nature.

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The origin of the name of Genoa derives in part from history and in part from legend; it was founded by the ancient people of Liguria, considered among the earliest inhabitants of the west. A mesmerizing amount of history and beauty will take you by surprise as soon as you step out of your Genoa hotel.

In recent decades, the city has become a trendy tourist destination, thanks to its vast cultural and artistic heritage mainly in the historical town center, and also because of the large influx of international tourists initially attracted by the Aquarium, famous not only because of its size but also due to the name of its prestigious Genoese architect Renzo Piano. The extensive network of hotels in Genoa is at the heart of its attractiveness as a tourist destination making it ideal for arranging hotel accomodation for any type of budget requirement or needs.


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