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Practical information

Find your way around Genoa

The geographical landscape of Genoa follows largely that of the whole region. The city is spread along the lines of the coast and is enclosed on one side by the sea and by the hills on the other. The core of the city is essentially the historic old town with access to the old harbour area called Porto Antico and tourist center. From the town center one may access the exhibition center and the promenade of Corso Italia. An elevated road crosses the whole city along the coast so one can easily drive from one end to the other.

Roads and parking

For those coming to Genoa by car, some hotels have parking spaces. In addition to that there are many parking lots with daily and/or weekly rates. Parking can be found in both the central and peripheral areas of Genoa spread out through the whole city and can be easily found by following the signs.

Getting around by public transportation

The transportation company (AMT) handles public transportation in the city and includes: a metro line, 164 bus lines, 10 lifts from the city center to the upper areas, 3 on call bus lines and a special on call service for disabled people .It is possible to use a single ticket for a journey using different AMT means of transport including the urban railway network (from Genova Nervi to Voltri).

An ordinary ticket costs € 1.50, for a time period of 100 minutes, but it’s possible choose more convenient traveling solutions for groups of people.

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Eating in Genoa

The traditional cuisine of Genoa is mainly fish based dishes and tasty recipes from the inland regions and can be found in the city’s numerous restaurants. In the city center and the historic old town you may find numerous traditional taverns, gourmet restaurants and many exotic cuisines: Indian, Chinese, Senegalese, Japanese, Indonesian ...

The hinterland is often a good alternative for those who want to eat on a farm or in an old inn in Liguria.


The nightlife revolves mainly around the many little trendy bars and premises of the historical center where you can find pubs, bars, pizzerias and restaurants as well as theaters. In the area of ​​the Porto Antico there is also a multiplex circuit The Space Cinema.

For those who want to stay on the sea promenade of Corso Italia located about two kilometers from the center:  there are trendy night clubs with live music, small bars, pubs and pizzerias. Beaches become another meeting place for aperitifs and after dinner activities, especially in summer.

The seasons in Genoa: all the wonderful colors of Liguria

Genoa is a city worth visiting throughout the year to discover its different aspects during the changing of the seasons. The same can be said about the whole region from inland to the coast.

In spring and summer, in fact, you can fully enjoy the sea, beaches, walking, hiking and all outdoor activities in the city, the sea and the countryside. Nevertheless, Genoa and its surroundings are also visited in autumn and winter. The sea in winter has its own charm and thanks to the excellent climate of the region, there are many who choose this time to visit the Riviera. Autumn and winter are considered two ideal moments to savor the melancholic nostalgia typical of the capital which has often been sung by the singers of the Genoese school. In autumn the foliage will change color to various shades of red and in some rare occasions even the snow may fall covering the sandy coasts, creating a unique scenary.


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